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Introducing Soprano XL Skin Tightening

Body Contouring Services

The Soprano XL produces fantastic results without the need for surgery, needles or injections. As the water content of the dermis is heated, a natural reaction occurs resulting in both the contraction and renewal of collagen, providing the base of  firmer, smoother skin. The cooling tip of the hand piece protects the skin's surface and maintains a comfortable temperature during the treatment. Infra red skin tightening uses electrical currents on the muscles, a perfect combination to ensure tighter, firmer skin.

Benefits of the Soprano XL tissue tightening

While some patients see results immediately, it is recommended that up to 6-8  treatments are necessary:

First and second treatment every 2 weeks
Third and fourth treatment every 3 weeks
Fifth and sixth treatment every 8 weeks

• Treats lax and saggy skin to the arms, stomach, buttocks, legs, back, face and neck
• Stimulates long term collagen growth
• No recovery time
• Non surgical procedure

Pre Treatment:
No acutane use for 6 months prior to treatment.
Do not tan the areas to be treated for 2-4 weeks prior to treatment.
All lotions and potions you are using must be discussed and cleared in your consultation prior to treatments. In addition, all medications must be disclosed and discussed.
Treatment area should be free of perfume, makeup, and lotions.


Post Treatment:
Avoid sun exposure and tanning creams during the entire course of treatments. Use SPF 30 or greater on the treatment area at all times.
DO NOT scrub or exfoliate the treated area. Do not use hot tubs, whirlpools or hot baths for the first 48 hours, and avoid excessive sweating for the first 24-48 hours.