Vistoso Med Spa in Oakville, ON


  • Is it safe to get Laser Hair Treatments during pregnancy?

    • There has been little if any research done on the effect of Laser hair Removal procedures and the unborn baby. Because of this, doctors generally recommend that women stay away from the procedure for the nine months of their pregnancy, and instead opt to have the treatment performed at a later time.

  • Do I need a consultation?

    • A consultation is absolutely necessary with our Consultant. We need to have a clear understanding of your problem to design the right treatment plan for you with a combination of different modalities.

  • Is it safe to get Botox treatments during pregnancy?

    • Studies have shown that small injections of Botox do not circulate throughout the body and therefore do not impact an unborn baby. These studies, however, mostly focused on treatments done before pregnancy or during the very early stages. There is no research about the effects of Botox on a woman or her baby during the later part of pregnancy; therefore, in the name of caution, this procedure should be avoided while pregnant.

  • What areas of the body can be treated with a Chemical Peel?

    • Almost any part of the body can be treated with a chemical peel. Clients often ask for peels on their face, neck, chest and hands.

  • Is there a risk involved with injections?

    • There is always a risk involved with any procedure. On the other hand, the techniques and the products we use at Vistoso Medical Spa have been chosen because of their negligible risk of complications. Because these products are temporary, we are able to tailor the treatments according to your preference in the short and long-term.