Vistoso Med Spa in Oakville, ON


    • Vistoso Medical Spa is dedicated to providing superior, customized care through ongoing education and extensive product knowledge. At Vistoso we are always one-step ahead! We are constantly re-evaluating what works best for you! What works best for our clients and if we see that an improvement can be made then an improvement is made. We are always trying to better ourselves and increase...

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  • Beauty Sleep and Your Skin
    Tue 1st March, 2016

    • When doctors recommend 8-10 hours of sleep they aren't kidding. It doesnt just ensure energy levels and immune system health, it also means brighter, healthier, smoother skin! Here is the truth from the skin experts at Vistoso Medical Spa behind the term "beauty sleep" and what it really means for your skin.When sleeping more than 7 hours a night you are giving your skin the opportunity to...

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    • new hours

      At Vistoso Medical Spa we are busy and beavers getting ready for the warmer Spring season. Its closer than you think!As of May1st, 2016 our clinic hours will be changing! Here are our new hours of operation at Vistoso:Monday-Friday 10:00am - 7:00pmWe look forward to seeing you at our offices!

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